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Avi Fox, as drawn by diesel_wiesel.

Avi Fox (real name: Avi Ginsberg, born July 2)[1] is a fursuiter, student and programmer who lives in the United States. His fursuit was made by Made Fur You.[2]

He is the creator of Fox.ci, a furry URL shortener and FurAlert, a notification service for Fur Affinity.

Real life[edit]

Avi Fox is the owner of AviFoxLLC, a registered business in the state of New Jersey that offers services for marketing, web services and product sourcing.[3]

He graduated Monmouth University with a major in computer science in May 2016. He completed a master's degree in computer science in May 2017. He is currently a law student at Georgetown University Law Centre and expects to graduate in May 2020.[4]

Sticker Pack[edit]

Avi Fox has published a very large sticker pack of his character for the Telegram and iOS platforms. The sticker pack is freely available on the Apple App Store and the Telegram Sticker Library. The artwork is drawn by artist Hitonomi.

Convention attendance[edit]

Avi Fox has attended:[2]


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