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For other definitions of "avatar", please see the disambiguation page.
A typical 2D avatar image like which may be found on internet chat forums

An avatar is a, usually, 2D internet representation/icon of a user or alter ego. such 2D electronic media icon/pictures are commonly used on Internet forums and/or other net communities.

This 2D type of avatar image media typically portrays the individual's fursona. It is often a bust or face view and can include the character's name. The image is typically relatively simple with large features, because such an icon is often displayed with a size smaller than 100x100 pixels. The example shown at right is a 100x100 pixel size view.

3D/text display[edit]

A 3D model of such avatars can also be used in computer games or as 3D online virtual worlds' as visual representations personas (i.e. Second Life's characters). Finally an avatar can also refer to the typed construct used online role-playing game that is usually text-based, such as MUCK or MUDs. .

Avatar and furry[edit]

Avatars, regarding a furry fandom character, can also refer to the above mentioned character picture methods of display, in places such as Furcadia or, again, Second Life, or any instant messenger program that uses buddy icons.

Avatar vs character[edit]

Sometimes the term avatar is used interchangeably with the terms character and/or fursona, even though both are not the same thing. A character encompasses all the qualities of a fictional entity, including a description, back story and beliefs, while an avatar is merely a visual representation of a character.


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