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Austin Wolfclaw (born September 14th, 1980) plays an anthropomorphic white-tailed deer. He is the the founder of #furry_vore on He is the creator of a webcomic called Carnivores, and host of a weekly podcast on the Furry Broadcasting Corporation called "The Wolf Den Radio Show".

[edit] History

Austin was referred to Furnet's predecessor, YiffNet by a furry ICQ user. He debuted on IRC as "wolfy316" and was often confused with Pegsus316, another Yiffnet user.

In June of 2000, Wolfy became Wolfclaw, and when the 8-character limit was lifted, Wolfclaw became AustinWolfclaw.

[edit] Roleplay

In roleplays, Austin plays a prey animal, doomed to be torn apart day after day by hungry predators that want a bite to eat.

The "Wolfclaw" name dates back to the time when he actually was a wolf. He changed to an anthro deer when he discovered vore in 2002, because he never saw wolves as prey animals.

Austin indulges in the Hard Vore roleplay, which focuses more on the natural way of eating something, such as the hunt, the chase, the catch, the brutal mauling and the feast. Austin loves to be eaten alive in roleplay. He also tends to make it so there are several different species of animals, those which tend to not get along in real life, gorging on the deer's tasty flesh.

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