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Aussie Panther is a furry who resides in Victoria, Australia.

Aussie first entered the furry scene in Canberra, Australia, in 2007. He is a straight and very extroverted fur who often gets mistaken for being queer.


Aussie's main fursona is a black sabre-toothed panther with Australia-shaped paw pads and markings on his stomach that resemble the Southern Cross star constellation. His traits mimic his creator, so he is a very happy panther who loves life and tries everything once.

Aussie's secondary fursona is Nicki Minaj, a pink panther who is based on the singer/songwriter Nicki Minaj. Her hair style and markings are subject to change due to her visual appearance always being different from day to day.

Aussie's two fursonas are depicted as dating, as Aussie himself is slightly obsessed with Nicki Minaj.

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