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Aury the Dragon, drawn by Negger.

Aury the Dragon, or simply Aury, (born June 1988) is a large dragon of mysterious origins. He is best known for his sizing in at 21 feet tall, as well as his gentle nature. He considers himself a flirty, creative individual. He is best located on Second Life or Fur Affinity, or less frequently FurNet. He is an aspiring author, whose artistic skills have the greatest potential in literary productions.

The dragon persona[edit]

Aury's persona comprises of several inspirations as well as ideas of his own. Aury is often known for inadvertently intimidating others through his size alone. Although unlike many other dragons, he lacks wings or a tail spade and is frequently mistaken for a dinosaur. This is not the case, as he is indeed a dragon. A type of species unique to his fictional metaverse simply named a "Thunderdrake." It is also common that people frequently mistake that he is covered in scales. He is covered in hide, which in Aury's case, has a relatively leathery texture to it.


One of Aury's biggest contributions to the fur fandom is perhaps the time he devotes to various roleplaying communities. He is frequently found on FurNet, Second Life, or simply roleplays in private discussions with his friends on instant messaging programs.

Aury is also known for having several roleplay characters as well. Examples of his alternative characters go by the name of YubiJia, an immortal eastern dragon, Setiyr, a strong and girthy dragon, and Kirei, a large, kindred raptor.

Masquerading as alternative characters has always been interesting to me. It helps me with the concept of creating different characters for stories and putting myself in their shoes. My roleplay alts have distinct personalities, but they all represent specific parts of me to the best that I can express. ~ Aury

Second Life[edit]

Aury can be reached on Second Life under the name of Aury Rote. He spends a lot of his time or playing various games on the program.

He currently has a sold avatar project in the works.

Entrepreneurial endeavours[edit]

Aury considers himself a novice artist. He has put his drawing pen down and has instead shifted his attention to more written related material, where he excels most.

His current endeavors consist of an upcoming novel and fictional series, Information/Business websites, and a toy project.

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