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AuraSoul is a German artist, plush toy maker and fursuit builder. Her species is "Werwolf".[1]


As of September 2011, there were 5 posts in the artists_beware LiveJournal community tagged "artist-aurasoul/ravesoul".[2] On September 24, 2011 a poster summarised her experience:

While Aurasoul has been very polite in her responses to me, her responses in general are like pulling teeth. She is not timely or professional in this manner. I do not recommend anyone paying full price for anything up front. Ordeal has taken place over the course of Fall of 2008 to Summer of 2011 to get sorted.[3]


AuraSoul has had an account on deviantART as Soul-Creations since December 25, 2010.[4] Her previous account, AuraSoul, is marked "banned from deviantART permanently."[5]


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