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August Yifu's primary fursona, as of July 2008.

August Austin Yifu is the fursona of a furry who goes by the same name (born August 4th, 1989). He currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He works for a local department store as a cashier.

Fandom involvement

August has been active on the Internet since late 2002. Around 2003, he began chatting on initialized, a gaming community, where he soon became a frequent user. Up to this point, August had been identifying himself as Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

During this same time period, another fur by the name ShadowTiger approached him, and asked him if he was also a furry. When August explained that he did not know what a furry was, ShadowTiger explained to him the history and concept of the furry fandom. After doing some additional research, it didn't take August long to identify himself as a member of said fandom.

As time went on, August identified himself with more of a generic fox-type character, instead of a copyrighted video game character. This character was eventually given the name August, and underwent several changes to morph into August as he is known today. This was done before August's name was legally August Yifu. His real name was originally "Austin", hence his middle name.

August found FurNet in 2006, and has been a frequent user on this server ever since. He is involved in a large number of channels on furnet, many of them having to do with sexual fetishes, which he credits FurNet for his interest on these last ones.


August Yifu, as originally drawn by Marci McAdam.

August's fursona has gone through three distinct phases. They are sometimes referred to as "August 1", "August 2", and "August 3" respectfully:

Original incarnation

August Yifu's first personification was an anthropomorphic folf; a cross between an anthropomorphic fox, and wolf. His skin was mainly blue and white, his eyes hazel, and his body of average weight.

Rather than having normal skin and fur, August had (and still does have) a skin composed of living rubber. This was merely cosmetic back in these days, as August had normal organic internal organs. Depending on his mood and the temperature of his environment, August's skin can appeared to be melty in spots, as he has problems retaining his solidity. The latter of these side effects disappeared completely as August grew up for the second time.

The second version of August Yifu, as drawn by Wontoon K. Whattleroo.

Second incarnation

August Yifu's second personification is an anthropomorphic foxcoon; a cross between an anthropomorphic fox, and raccoon. His skin is mainly red and white, and he has a general toony appearance.

As with the original incarnation, his skin is composed of living rubber. Since its implementation, the rubber has invaded and assimilated the foxcoon's entire body; August's body is now completely synthetic, albeit normal bodily functions happen in seemingly identical ways.

This version of August was eighteen years old, and loved to do nothing at all most of the time. His favorite activities included eating and sleeping, explaining his weight of approximately 450 pounds as of October 2007.

Current incarnation

August Yifu's present-day personification has much in common with the one that preceded it. The most noticeable changes include his change in wardrobe, the introduction of hair, his purple skin being darker, and his paws being that same purple instead of a brown color. He also has a nozzle for a belly button, and is hollow on the inside, making him more like a toy. Other changes include the introduction of more normal fingers, a tail with a rounder and thicker tip, and different colored eyes. He currently weighs about 25 pounds, due to his lack of insides. Bodily functions have also stopped completely at this point, as have the need to eat food, drink fluids, and use the bathroom have vanished. August's usual adult diaper is now made out of the same material as him, is no longer removal, and no longer serves a purpose other than being ornamental. Breathing is also no longer needed, but used for speech. It is currently unknown how August is sustaining his life at this point.

August is nineteen years of age at the moment. Though he can no longer eat, he enjoys sleeping all the same. He regularly increases the babyfur population through his newly discovered magical abilities.


The appearance of August's MapleStory character, AugustYifu, as of July 2008.

August's primary hobby at the moment is playing a MMORPG called MapleStory. His primary in-game character is called AugustYifu and can be found on the "Scania" server. AugustYifu is a warrior, more specifically, he is currently a Fighter and is taking the path to become a Hero. August plans on playing this game until his character reaches level 200, which is the current maximum. He heads his own guild on Scania, called TwilightIce. It consists of normal MapleStory players for the time being, though he plans on making the guild populated exclusively by furry fandom members in the future.

August enjoys roleplaying and/or chatting on FurNet as his character most of the time. He used to use Adobe Photoshop to create abstract desktop wallpapers, or to ink, color, and shade furry pencil drawings, but has since become very unproductive at home, especially since he started to work full time.

When he's not playing MapleStory, working, sleeping, or roleplaying on FurNet, he's playing other video games or watching videos on the internet about them. Some of his computer skills include developing web pages using (X)HTML and PHP, as well as programming in C++. These skills have not been tapped into in quite some time, however.

Some of August's "offline" hobbies include caring for his dog Monty, swimming, watching movies and television, and listening to music.

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