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Außenstelle Österreich (outpost Austria) is the name under which Grahir and nifelan produce German-language comedic sketches, which are aired at Furry 8000.


Außenstelle Österreich started as an idea when Grahir and nifelan walked home after buying drinks and snacks from a nearby petrol station. They wanted to do a call-in but didn't want to pay the high telephone charges for a call to Germany so they came up with the idea of pre-recording a short sketch, which was then aired at Furry 8000. This started the "tradition" of creating such sketches whenever a new F8k show was announced.

With time nifelan got access to better microphones as well as software and he picked up a few tricks, which greatly improved production quality.

In 2008 the name changed from Außenstelle Austria to Außenstelle Österreich.

Voice actors[edit]

While the Außenstelle started with only Grahir and nifelan, there have been other contributions to the project. Most notably Grahirs then-girlfriend maggy, who lent her voice for a few episodes until the Außenstelle moved to Vienna.

Ranek, Suran, Waldlicht and Zefiro also contributed to the Außenstelle with sent-in recordings that were used in a few sketches.