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Astus Vulpi, is a Minnesota born, multi-instrumentalist. He has performed with numerous local bands as a bassist, guitarist, vocalist, percussionist and harmonica player. Astus is known for his outspoken political activism. In many of his original songs, he expresses his beliefs on; Gay Marrige, the American political system, foreign policy and socioeconomic status. Aside from being a musician, Vulpi is also an avid Magic: The Gathering player. His fursona is a red fox.


[edit] Early Life

Astus was born in Minneapolis, MN. He Moved to a small suburb of St. Paul, at the age of five. For his 11th birthday, his parents bought him an electric bass. The first time he ever performed live was for a school talent show, he placed first. In high school, he continued to pursue music. He became interested in theater as well and was not only an actor, but a stage musician for many school shows.

[edit] Musical Influences

Astus was brought up listening to classic rock and 90's alternative. During his Early teens, He was introduced to bands like Blink-182, Primus and Green Day. As he continued to study music, His influences grew to hundreds but a few he often cites as his biggest are: Frank Zappa, "Weird Al" Yankovic, The Beatles, The Shins, Matchbox 20, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, Primus, TOOL and Nirvana.

[edit] Technique

His bass technique is very versatile. Though he expertises in rock, funk, and metal, he has proven that he is quite accomplished as a jazz, blues, country and classical bassist as well as many other genres that he shows proficiency in.

[edit] Image

Astus has sometimes referred to himself as "A new-age, grunge, hippie, furry". He is often seen wearing thin-rimmed titanium glasses, a T-shirt with something that has to do with his interest in music, a plaid shirt (usually blue and very baggy), Blue jeans and a rainbow pride wrist band on each arm. He also has a very distinctive hairstyle that her refers to as "The Mane" due to it's length and waviness. Sometimes, when performing live, He will wear a fox tail and/or fox ears.

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