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Asrohc (aka Vrysha and Rhapsody) is a programming wizard on Meadows MUCK, Jade Lotus MUCK, Gargoyles MUCK, and Marvel: Destinies.

She was a wizard on Crossroads MUCK, Verdant Reign MUCK, Endless Round MUCK, Kings and Vagabonds MUCK, Cry of the Kalahari, Jade Menagerie MUCK, Sunrise MUCK, Alaskan MUCK, Daemon MUCK, and Width and Depth MUCK before they closed. She has, or has had, wizard bits on several other games as an on-call assistant, including Bleaker MUCK, Marvel: Revolution, Age of Evolution, and The Devil's Orchard.

Asrohc started MUCKing in March 2001. She began teaching herself to code in MUF that same summer. By 2002, she had both her first staff position and her first wizard position. In the years since, she has continuously been a wizard on at least one MUCK at any given time.

Asrohc has played over 140 characters on over 45 different MU*s, and held staff or wizard positions on more than 20 MUCKs, although many of those never opened or didn't acquire a significant playerbase. Her wizard duties have typically included any or all of: programming, building, RP/TP development, theme, and various other jobs, with the exceptions of actually hosting the game and handling advertising.