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Asria (also known as Asria Fhang in Second Life) is an anthro artist, located in Texas, U.S.A.[1], and also the co-creator of the now ended webcomic Folfed!.

She began drawing in 2004, soon depicting anthropomorphic characters. Her character is a Chaoyx, a species of her own creation. She is married to Silvyn.

Second Life[edit]

Asria is the owner of the in-world shop called Anthro Binds. She also previously worked for AnthroXtacy as a Playmate.


It is pronounced “Sh-a-ow-ix”.

In their world, Chaoyx are Chaotic Nymphs, born of the dying wail of a God-like reptilian shadow being after he was destroyed by the Lyrek, which, in their language, is another word for anything anthro or humanoid, other than themselves.

Previously at war with the Lyrek, they've now integrated into their society, but not without effort. Some Chaoyx still fight to bring down the Lyrek to this day. Others just want to fit in, and still others simply want to be left alone. They have a tendency to cause trouble wherever they are.[2]

Physical Traits[edit]

The Chaoyx is a species that is most acclimated to cold-weather climates. Fur patterns are limited to two or three colors, and stripes are always present. Sometimes just on the face, other times from head to toe. Fur length is usually very short. Common traits are long, prehensile whip-like tails and digitigrade hind legs with cloven hooves. Two long horns sprout from their skull, and can be any variation of curved, spiraled and straight. Despite the presence of canines, the Chaoyx is an herbivorous species. They have, however, been known to consume other living creatures; usually whole, and never for nutritional reasons. Their hands sport onyx talons, and the medium-sized dragonic wings on their backs are often two toned, the webbing a brighter color than their fur. Chaoyx head shapes vary widely depending on what region they were born in. Hermaphrodites can be common, but females with extending, phallic-like clitorises are more common. The males tend to have considerably large genitalia in comparison to body size, with wide, flat heads, and are completely smooth save for a ring-like bump in the middle, causing them to resemble an equine phallus.


During estrus, both females and the males that come around them, will take on a bestial personality. They are far more impulsive, their instincts tend to run their decisions with no regard to consequences. On the last day of their cycle, much like werewolves on a full moon, the bodies of females will change. Unlike werewolves, however, they will revert into four legged beasts, a more feral version of themselves. This often does not last more than a day. Some overly sensitive males will also be effected by a female's cycle and revert, but this does not always happen. Females whom become pregnant will lay one to four large eggs after four months of pregnancy. These eggs must be kept safe for one year before hatching. Chaoyx can walk when they are born, but they cannot fly until their wings reach appropriate size. Some Chaoyx cannot fly if their wings do not grow large enough to support their weight, or they get damaged.


All Chaoyx have extreme sociopathic tendencies. They can be quite aloof, except when they choose to present themselves as someone more caring than they actually are. Manipulation and conning come naturally to this species, they are masters of deception. Territorial and dominant, they treat other people as obstacles in their paths. The need for stimulation often puts them in dangerous situations, and sometimes leads to promiscuity. A serious lack of empathy goes undetected; their charming demeanor masks it well. Although there are exceptions, the Chaoyx caters to very few true emotions. As a norm, most of their socializing is done through a wall of falsity, and as such, the only lifelong relationships they tend to have are with other Chaoyx. Everyone else is treated as objects for immediate gratification, even if the Chaoyx themselves do not realize it at the time.


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