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Aslaug, also known as Joan Høj Jacobsen (born Nov. 11, 1975) is a furry writer from Nibe, Denmark. Her fursona is a mare. Her writings include the Transitions series, Amat Victoria Curam, and Witchhammer.

She holds a master's degree in history from the University of Aalborg, Denmark, with special emphasis religious history. In the past, she has described herself as "Not a furry, but a human being writing furry stories", as she finds it difficult to think of herself as an anthropomorphic animal. Despite this, she routinely parttakes in light-hearted roleplaying on her forum.

Privately, she is an active debater, often using her blog to make statements about political or social issues, particularly dealing with minority rights. She is an avid reader of both fiction and factual works, and has, through her own writing, mentioned award-winning British author Terry Pratchett as one writer she considers an inspiration.

Furthermore, she is a roleplayer and storyteller with more than two decades of experience, and she is an active practioner of Asatru or "the old customs" as it is sometimes referred to. She consistently describes herself as "heathen".

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