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Grubbs Grizzly,[1] also known as Zoobear (real name Kevin Hile), is a freelance writer and fursuiter who lives in Cathedral City, California, USA.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Grubbs is the founder of the "BearFurries", "Greymuzzles", and the now-defunct "Outcast Furries" Facebook groups. He is an advice columnist (see below) and a published author of a dozen books. He is currently[when?] working on one about the fandom and founded Uncle Bear Publishing [1], which focuses on nonfiction books related to the fandom, in 2022. He also founded (and runs) The Good Furry Award in 2019, which presents prizes to furries in the fandom who inspire a positive image of the fandom.


Grubbs Grizzly's fursona is an eight-foot-tall, fat (but muscular) grizzly bear, with brown fur brushed with strands of gold.


Grubbs' fursuit was made by Beastcub Creations[3] and debuted at Further Confusion 2011.[4]

Convention attendance[edit]

Uncle Bear Publishing[edit]

Uncle Bear Publishing right.jpg

Uncle Bear Publishing is a furry publishing company owned by Grubbs since its founding in January 2022. It specializes in nonfiction for the furry fandom.

"Ask Papabear"[edit]


"Ask Papabear" is a furry advice column by Grubbs, which debuted January 2012 on the Furry News Network before moving to its own site in May 2012. Described as a "furry advice column written by a furry," the column is intended to be reminiscent of the old "Dear Abby" advice page, seeking to help furries with personal problems and questions about the fandom.


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