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"Onca" 2009 digital painting.

Ashalind (Rhiannon McLachlan) is an illustrator who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Ashaland specializes in anthropomorphic and fantasy-related pictures. Ashalind uses both traditional (watercolors, colored pencils, acrylics) and digital media. She works full time for Electronic Arts (Mobile).

Ashalind is the founder and creative lead on the project "The Anthro Calendar" which saw its first release in 2009 with Rare 2010: An Unusual Anthro Calendar. She is also a contributor to such projects as The Beasts of Yore and the AAA.

Professionally, Ashalind has worked as a 2D artist on games such as Puzzle Kingdoms, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, and Puzzle Quest 2, and SPY Mouse.

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