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Ash Coyote, also known as Ash Kreis, is a transgender fursuiter and YouTuber, who lives in the USA. Ash (she/her) is married to Chip Fox.


Ash's fursona is a beige and yellow coyote, with purple eyes and pink claws. Her fursona was designed by Made Fur You.


Ash Coyote's fursuit by MadeFurYou.

Her suits were made by Made Fur You and Mixed Candy.


In 2012, Ash launched her YouTube channel.[1] which contains content such as documentaries, reaction videos, and let's plays. As of January 2023, she has 97.2k subscribers.

Honors & Awards[edit]

Guest of Honor[edit]



The Fandom[edit]

Ash Coyote directed a documentary feature film called "The Fandom."[7] It was produced by Chip Fox and it was co-directed and edited Ash Eagle. "The Fandom"[7] was funded through Kickstarter that started in March 2019 and ended in May the same year and was raised $32,125. The trailer was released on March 15 2019.[8] The documentary was an hour and twenty-nine minutes long and was primarily going to be released at some film festivals, but a festival release was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The documentary premiered on Ash's channel on July 3, 2020, the same day that Blu-Ray and other digital platforms were released. The Fandom won the Best Non Fiction Work 2020 Ursa Major Awards .

Film Festivals[edit]

  • Atlanta Academy Award-Qualifying Film Festival 2021: Official Selection[9]
  • Denver Film Festival 2020: Official Selection[9]
  • Dumbo Film Festival 2021: Semi-Finalist[9]
  • Hollywood Gold Awards 2021: Silver Award[9]
  • LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival 2021: Best Feature Film Winner[9]
  • LGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival 2021: Official Selection[9]
  • Out on Film 2021: Official Selection[9]
  • Queer Film Festival 2021: Official Selection[9]


The Fandom is distributed through video on demand streaming platforms.


Following the success of "The Fandom", Ash released another furry-related 46-minute documentary called "HERO"[10], which follows Hero - who was diagnosed with cancer at age 22, but he found the furry fandom as an escape and find eternal happiness, The trailer[11] was released on December 20, 2020, the documentary premiered in December 31.

Film Festivals[edit]

Colorado Short Circuit 2021:

USA Film Festival 2021:

The Fandom Series[edit]

Each episode in The Fandom Series is composed of a documentary short film. The documentary shorts cover specific topics within the furry fandom.

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]


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