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"Artists Beware" is a LiveJournal community for warnings about commissioners, art theft, and artists. Positive feedback is also encouraged in monthly posts. The community was created by Poofywolf in August 2003. As of April 2014, it has over 4100 members, most of whom are in some way involved in furry fandom.

Artists Beware is valued by the community for its role in bringing abuses to light, but also feared (particularly by artists) for the potential to leave a black mark on the reputation of those who are posted about. In response, some subjects "freak out", "send their friends to white-knight" or "demand [that] the [original poster] take down the post", according to staff.[1] Posts are pre-moderated, and both post and comment deletion/screening are forbidden by the community rules.

Past staff included Ailurophile, hamburger, kerstin_orion,[4] Moltenglowstick, puppetmaker40, shukiveangance[5] and sigilgoat.[6]


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