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Hotel room's art meet (left, artist Dustmeat, right, red shirt, artis Steve Martin).

An art meet, sometimes known as art jams (in relation to furry fandom), is a furmeet (a furry gathering) of furry artists and, occasionally, non artists friends and fans. As with furmeets, they may be regular or sporadically scheduled, normally in the small/medium range of people. Larger artists gatherings, normally at conventions (art zones, art zoo, the art den), are not considered art meets.


Art meets normally take place at furry houses (The Prancing Skiltaire, Hotel Yorba, etc,...), most often not during the premises' scheduled House party. Other common places such events are held include an artist's house/apartment, a commissioner or a fan's ones. Less common are the "on the move" art meets (restaurants, fast food places, parks.

In a furry convention setting, and outside the official artists designated areas, hotel room's artist get togethers are also considered art meets (and often made privy off by word of mouth, or by notices in hotel/con lobby boards, or on notices tacked on the room's door).


Although most artists will bring their own supplies, and most often than not, sketchbooks, larger furry houses with studios (i.e. Hotel Yorba) will have more than enough art material for those lacking of, or not having enough, art supplies.

As any other furmeets, attendees artists will often have in-house food and drinks provided. Other visual activities (video games, loud music and/or movies), are not encouraged or preferred due to the quieter atmosphere preferred during these meets (soft/low music, or visual media with the sound low is permitted, either as white noise or ambiance). Conversation is welcome, unless a particular artist is concentrating on her/his art.


Art can be created, often, by sketchbook, Bristol like art pads, free standing paper easels, erasable boards, or a combination of any or all. Even though art gifting is considered polite, selling art at the meet is look down upon (unless agreed by artist/buyer before hand).