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Author(s) ekigyuu
Launch date February 17, 2010-March 28th, 2010 (closed beta)
April 4, 2010-(March?) 2012[1] (open beta)

ArtPiles was a furry art archive created by ekigyuu.


The website was the second public art gallery community established by Ekigyuu, who had previously operated Furry Art Pile from September 2006–September 2008. The website entered closed beta around 17 February 2010 (only available to 100 selected users), and commenced an open beta on April 4, 2010.

The website was intended to run on an open source platform, also known as ArtPiles[2] (formerly code-named Guava), created by Ekigyuu's self-ran company, Studio moh.


The website, following its opening in April 2010, seemed to retain a number of features which were used in its predecessor FAP, including folksonomic tagging of submitted content, along with a tag cloud. However, the site featured a feature known as "Piles", in which users could make custom collections of works.

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