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Arribous Nightsnow, also known as "Arri" to his friends and mate (StupidGit), is a folf. He exhibits mostly fox traits, but has several wolf traits, such as the size, larger muzzle, and more coarse tail. He does not have the dark-furred 'socks and gloves' typical of the fox species, but he does have little black tips on his earfur, and on the end of his tail. His fur is a rusty brown color, light in some places like his belly, and a copper-like color in thicker areas, like his underarms. His headfur is usually combed back, with a trademark wisp of hair hanging down over his forehead.

He's just over 6'1" tall, and weighs about 225 pounds. His build is not heavily muscled or overweight, but is more of a balance between the two. He has a tummy, but when he sucks it in the faintest ridges of abs poke through. His legs are thick and sturdy, ending in footpaws that are large, even for his species. Thanks to his past training, as well as the attentions of his mate, he's developed a rather strong body for his profession.

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