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Aroo in fursuit.

Aroo Breastentein is a female fursuit-builder, furry artist, and fursuiter from the North Lanarkshire town of Kilsyth near Glasgow, Scotland.



Aroo's fursona is a husky.

Aroo's body is blue and white. She sports a white arrow down the centre of her forehead (much like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender). She also sports other arrow markings on her body including a blue arrow up her stomach and a white arrow down the centre of her back.


Aroo owns around nine personal suits of characters she has created, including cheetahs, mongrels, and kangaroos. She also owns two "cosplay fursuits", of Houndoom from Pokémon and Renamon from Digimon.

She also stores the fursuits of her boyfriend and best friend, bringing the number of suits in her possession to a grand total of twenty.

Fursuit building

Aroo builds fursuits in her leisure time, as well as on commission. She uses the building name Anime.Cosplay.Builder'".

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