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Onowl, previously Superfeesh, is an artist and previously a programmer, who was the lead programmer and creator of Aro'kai.


Aro'kai was a multiplayer online roleplaying game without a set release date. Species included canine, feline, bear, deer, gryphon, dragon, and owl. The game was programmed by a single person: Superfeesh. She and her talented team of animators and artists worked together to make Aro'kai. It was in progress since roughly the summer of 2009. Back then, it was known as Decayed Reality and later was changed to Iko. All name changes were done by the administrator Marona. In 2012 it had been assumed that Superfeesh stopped working on Aro'kai, after she'd disappeared for multiple months. Her return in January 2013 proved this wrong and that she is still working on the game, but in 2016, Onowl posted on her tumblr that she has quit working on Arokai forever after growing tired of the community that she felt was too demanding of her, and thus she had no interest in game development. Soon after Arokai forums were put under maintenance mode indefinitely and her tumblr was made password protected, along with the Aro'kai Development blog. It was revealed that Onowl was being impersonated by another user from around the year 2012, and that not much progress had been done on the game since the impersonation, but it is unclear if this is true. The official date of when she started to be impersonated, and when she disappeared is unknown. Onowl elected Marona to take care of Arokai, but most of the team seems to have disbanded.

Decayed Reality[edit]

The community and goal was much smaller back when Aro'kai was known as Decayed Reality. They had only one species in mind, and that was canines. In fact, more specifically, it was wolves. With a tight-nit community and one species, the goals back in 2009 were very much smaller than 5 years after. Through means of signature advertisement on separate forums the news of the new game spread and causing the community to grow fast.


Iko is the second name that Aro'kai ever had. It came after Decayed Reality and was changed to give the game a friendlier feel. Along with the name change they had a forum change. Marupa hosted their website and forum for some time. During this time the species expanded from canines to several others. A lot of support was gained during this time and soon after they changed the name to Aro'kai, which was it's last name.


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