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Fur Affinity
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Author(s) Owners: FurryHunter
  • Site Founder: Valgaror, FurryHunter
  • Admins: ?
Status  ?
Launch date  ?
End date  ?
Genre  ?
Web NC-17
Unknown logo (YouTube, AOH, AOH2?)

Army Of Humanity is a small Anti-Furry group. It used to primarily function out of DeviantArt, though it is now banned.

  • Mottos: Fire burns everything and Kill all non-humans.



The group originated in the art community, DeviantArt. It was founded by Valgaror, IBurnFurrys, FurryGriefer, FurryHunter, Dave J. Snacke and FurrySlayer4Life. It resided on DA for a period of approximately 3 months, gathering and displaying a large amount of anti-furry artwork from users like BalrogTheClown, FlyingDebris, and several other banned deviants. When it was founded, the group consisted of 3 members. At its peak, it had about 40 members plus watchers, most of whom actively submitted media.

DeviantArt ban[edit]

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The group itself was actually in full compliance with the ToS of DeviantArt, but when one user added a box on the front page with the name "Shitlist", and began putting upt he icons of past banned users (typically vigilante furries) on it, they stepped over a line and were immediately disbanded by moderators without warning. 2 users were also banned retrospectively.

Return to DA?[edit]

AOH2, a group mentioned by FurryHunter, came on line bearing the same objectivities as the original banned group. AOH2 may or not be a new site to replace AOH, or just be a mirror site for it. Motto: We don't die, we multiply.

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