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Arlo T. Wolf (born March 16)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in the United States.[2]


When Arlo was considering what type of character to use within the fandom, a wolf was not high on his list of possibilities.[3] He felt that, as so many people choose canine fursonas, he should come up with a more original species.

This changed when he happened upon a fursuit commission auction from FirestormSix, for a wolf costume. Arlo won the auction, and his fursuit arrived at his home on June 11, 2011.[4]


Arlo's interests include US and World History (medieval - 1940s), natural history, and medical history.[1] He enjoys books on history, and reads literary fiction rather than popular fiction (though confesses to being a devoted fan of the Harry Potter series).

Arlo is also interested in stage drama, classic films, painting, drawing, prop-building, and photography.


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