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Arlanora Logo.jpg
Game art
Arlanora teaser screenshot.

Arlanora is a furry RPG with a fantasy theme. Gameplay take place in a fast paced open world where players assume the role of a blessed warrior named Auren who is on a quest to protect Arlanora, his homeworld.

Arlanora is a story of two races, a beast race and a human race, both live side by side with peace but there comes a third race, a race of monsters fueled with the ambition to remove all humans from the face of the earth. When the beast race steps in to defend the humans they too are harmed. When Arlanora is attacked by the third race, it is up to Aurren, a warrior of Arlanora to leave his home region to search for heroes to help fend off and defeat the race of nightmare inducing monsters. An action packed adventure where you can work as a team of five warriors with all different species and skills, team up to save Arlanora! Arlanora plays like a fun Hack and Slash button masher with all the great ingredients to an open ended RPG world, including countless, unique regions for you to explore but also over a hundred different heroes with individual play styles to help you save the world and restore peace to Arlanora.

Arlanora is a open world, party based, action RPG You can upgrade characters throughout the game.

The game has local multi-player/ controller support.

It focuses strongly on getting great team combinations so that the characters can work from one another.

It has many items to collect to aid in growing your characters.

The game features an end dungeon.

The game has some strong quest-lines which are necessary to unlocking characters.

Arlanora had a Kickstarter in February 2016 with a goal of helping with development, production and publishing for late 2017.

While the kickstarter did fail, to generate enough money for the creator to keep making the game, it has been said that Patreon is being used, which is a monthly payment to keep the game being made.

The game has recently been greenlit on steam greenlight!

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