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Aristide Network
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Author(s) Owners: Logansryche, Sage

Admins: Laufiair


Status Online
Genre Gaming Community
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Aristide Network (also known as Aristide) is a Minecraft gaming community based in the United States, owned and founded by Logansryche and his wife, Sage. The community runs a multiverse craftbukkit[1] server along with a Discord[2] server for chat and voice. Although Aristide is a furry Minecraft server, it is open to all players wishing to come play and hang-out. The server runs several plug-ins to ensure player enjoyment and safety, and with an active staff, Griefing and trouble-making is not an issue.


Aristide believes in the 3-strike rule. First offence is a warning, second is jail, and third is a ban. Server rules are:

  1. No Griefing or Theft
  2. Be respectful to all players and staff
  3. No Racism, Homophobia, or otherwise offensive speech.
  4. No harassing players or staff.
  5. Minimum age to be on the server is 14.
  6. Do not ask for OP, only staff has OP.

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  1. | Craftbukkit Official Homepage
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