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Arend Studios


[edit] Origins

Founded in 1997 as White Fox Productions, Arend Studios is a furry-based mascot/fursuit studio created by WhiteyFawks (AKA:White_Fox). From it's roots in Edmonton, Alberta, the studio began as an odd collection of fabric, foam and paints. It was hosted in a small recess under his parent's staircase, and began to expand as he began experimenting with some of the earliest techniques that have become a standard in costume making today. The studio then expanded and was reformed as 'Arend Studios LTD' after relocating to Vancouver, BC in 2003. The name was chosen to honour his family in Germany. After relocating to San Jose, CA in 2008, the studio was reformed as 'Arend Studios LLC'.

[edit] Currently

'Arend Studios LLC' is the third derivation of the original studio. Having now been in business for several years, WhiteyFawks has traveled the world and attending various conventions, giving educational panels and promoting costuming within Furry and other fandoms as well. Producing a vast range of costumes from simple masks to corporate character fleets, they have have amassed a steadily growing group of artists within the fandom. Currently the studio creative lead is still WhiteyFawks, along with the talents of Laura and Lesa as designers and tailors, and Keenora and CodyDawg as the European support crew.

[edit] Fox Comments

"I have always enjoyed costumes, theater, and just building things in general. It's the art of changing what is, into what possibly could be. To be able to bend reality on a daily basis, and constantly look for ways to improve has become a life-long journey, and something I will be forever grateful to have the opportunity to do. :)" ~ Whitey

P.S. A huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped with the immigration sales we held the past few years. My visa was converted to a proper Greencard as of February 2014!! :D *wagwag* Now you're all stuck with me! ;)

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