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Aremin Foxxtrot, also known as Blackhoss, Blkhss, Incustud, A-Foxx, Aremin Foxx, and Aremin F is a furry fan who lives in Miami, Florida, USA.[1] He is a Twitch streamer and podcaster.

Second Life[edit]

Aremin Foxxtrot is often described[citation needed] as a socialite in the virtual world of Second Life. Whilst sometimes rude and crass, he gives help to those who ask him for it. His humor, which is often used around the various virtual clubs as well as in conversation, has been noted as rather offensive by some and appreciated by others. When encountered, he tends to be a bit forward and sometimes will automatically begin to converse, whether in a private message or a public message, with those he finds interesting. He spends much of his time at clubs such as ALAS, YIFF, and Joysticks.


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