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Arden the Black was a furry artist that used to post images to the former Playmouse Yahoo group, and whose artwork can still be found on the Playmouse web site via the search feature. He also used to post on the VCL with the name Arturo Juarez, but has deleted his directory long ago.

4chan / ED Meme[edit]

Arden the Black has gained some notoriety as of July 9th, 2010. At or around the time Jessica Elwood was hacked on DeviantArt, a group of users simultaneously began claiming that Jessica Elwood and Arden the Black are the same user. This apparently stems from an Encyclopedia Dramatica (a now defunct 4chan related wiki and anti-furry troll website) article claiming that Ms. Elwood and Arden are one and the same, citing the fact that early posts of hers discuss speaking with Arden, receiving artistic advice, and the fact that their artistic styles were both similar to Sonic the Hedgehog. This was proven to be false[citation needed].

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