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Arcturus the Internet Lawyer, drawn by Keihound

Arcturus Kirwin (also known as Fiscal, Nicolyrezk) primarily plays a blue-and-white, yellow-spotted female dragon. He was the system administrator and lead developer for e621, which was handed over to Varka in September 2010. He currently splits his time between Pennsylvania, United States and an Undisclosed Location.


[edit] Furry

Arcturus classes himelf as otherkin, but often jokes that he is just "suffering from delusions" instead. Whilst usually an anthropomorphic dragon, he is also known as a shapeshifter with many varying guises.

[edit] Real Life

In the land outside of the vast, bizarre Internet, Arcturus is a rather diminutive person of mostly Irish descent. He spends his days working on new and exciting projects for Angry Draken Media as well as a number of projects such as e621 in his free time. Whilst many online find him to be a rather exuberant and outspoken person, in real life he is quite introverted and shy.

[edit] Technical responsibilities

Arcturus helps host a number of websites for individuals, groups and small organizations, both furry and not. In the past he has helped to stream FBC content and, after having helped to rebroadcast and archive 2 Sense, does occasionally broadcast shows herself. He was the founder of ArtPlz after the breakup of Fur Affinity, at which time he withdrew his hosting following a managerial disagreement with Fur Affinity's founder and administrator Jheryn Lightfoot.

ArtPlz itself also saw some drama after he developed ChanPlz, an Fchan clone for posting furry art. Several volunteers withdrew their support for ArtPlz, such as Arshes Nei stating ethical reasons for doing so. ChanPlz was taken down a few days later by Arcturus and others involved in its creation.

Arcturus was an administrator for and systems administrator of WTFur, a mature furry image board much like Fchan, but these days runs, owns and maintains the furry community e621. As of August 31, 2010, he no longer runs e621. He shut it down in response to allegations of the site hosting child pornography, and gave the data over to Varka when he offered to take over the site.

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