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Arc, drawn by Saucy.
Arc's fursuit, as made by Lacy.

Arc, also known as Arc Yohei on Second Life, is a border collie fursuiter who lives in Auburn, Alabama, USA.[1]


[edit] Fandom involvement

Arc served as a moderator on Furtopia for approximately 6 years, and is deeply involved in both the Georgia Furs and Auburn Furs communities. She is also the board gaming coordinator for Furry Weekend Atlanta.

[edit] Fursuit

Arc's fursuit was built by Lacy, and debuted at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013.[2]

[edit] Convention attendance

[edit] Outside of the fandom

Arc is a student at Auburn University, where she is studying information systems management. She has an interest in drag performance, and often performs as a freelancer around Atlanta, Georgia.

[edit] Other convention attendance

[edit] References

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