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Arazia (born April 22, 1981) is most commonly seen as a anthropomorphic Barbary lion with yellow-golden fur, red paws, and flame red hair-tuft and tail or as a wolf. She is sometimes also seen as an anthromorphic snow bengal cat named Kita. She earned a Bachelors Degree in computer science from Northern Illinois University in 2003 and works as a computer programmer. She is a writer, artist, and fursuiter who lives near Chicago, Illinois with a handful of cats.

She first discovered furry through the The Lion King Fan-Art Archive. After years of drawing Lion King fanart and seeing the anthropomorphic works of other artists, she decided to dabble in drawing her own furry characters. In 2005, she joined the Lake Area Furry Friends (LAFF) and previously attended events such as softball and bowling.

She is most known for as the dealer assistant for HopefulMonsterStudios/CruinndracFarms. She serves as sculptor, manager, sales, and support for the small company. She has also served as an administrator on a number of text-based role-playing games, serving as player relations, code-wizard, and a number of other key roles.


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Arazia has been involved in various sorts of online role-play since 1999. These include:

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