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Arashiin or alt name Gallonigher (b. 1989) is an American/Australian furry photographer from Bedford, Indiana. Though he uses both methods of the trade (film and digital), he focuses mainly on digital photography as a profession and pastime. He is also an avid coin collector and precious metals investor (a true dragon by anyone's definition).

His fursona is a white stormdragon with an ash-gray back, and smoke-gray wings. He regularly attends Midwest FurFest, Anthrocon, and Furry Connection North, in addition to one or two local Indiana fur meets.

Arashiin worked as a member of the Ryuu-Rogue anime subbing team from 2006 to 2010, and is a major hand in the materials provision for the Legendz anime. He is the administrator of the LegendzFan Forum (see link below).

In 2010, Arashiin premiered in his first Fursuit, created by his friend Midori8 on FA. The suit premiered as a Partial at Midwest Furfest, and finally as a full suit at Anthrocon 2011.

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