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Aranous MUCK is an adult free-form roleplaying MUCK. The setting is a trade center where the laws are enforced by weaponry and magic.


  • Typhon - Head wizard and founder
  • Shade - Fun coding stuffs and thingies. MPI/Muf


  • Mari - Female Collie
  • Maximar - Male Griffonix
  • Sayame - Female Alicorn
  • Veronath - Male Gryphon


Aranous is the name of the evil empire orginally founded through RP by Typhon, who became emperor, when he was on Furry Faire MUCK. When Foxtrot/Tashiro closed Furry Faire to the public during a redesign, Typhon founded Aranous MUCK.

Although the MUCK it's self is only related to Furry Faire MUCK by name. As it incorporates both magic and technology, it is a completely stand along project.


In Aranous MUCK, Aranous is the name of a world, and the capital city of Shrike Empire, a interstellar empire consisting of numerous worlds. These worlds are connected via a gates (similar to star gates) for small group visitations, and a by hyperspace grid map for actual trade and commerce.

The Shrike Empire is ruled by the immortal emperor Typhon. It is a society with a strong Roman feel to it, with a senate, and laws enforced by inquisitors. The empire embraces both magic and technology equally. Almost anything from any world or dimension can be found in the capital city.

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