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AraKaraath Greywulf halfDragon (in real life, Adrian Glenn Maus, 25 August 1976 - 22 January 2021[1]) was an artist and cartoonist in the furry fandom. He was most noted for his comic In A Perfect World and his conjoinment artwork. He was mate of Aneirin Greywulf, mother of Wai and sibling to Gallennon, Jalen, Flynn, Khranok, Kiamakrai and FireEyes.

AraKaraath was born in Australia and hoped to move to England to live with his partner Aneirin. In real life he worked as a New Media Developer.

AraKaraath is normally depicted as a male hermaphrodite, but has been known to also appear as his two conjoined personas, Kaa'Ra (female) and Garon (male), with the help of a geminiing medallion he purchased at Janus's Fine Antique shop. Kaa'Ra and Garon each reflected different sides of AraKaraath's personality.

AraKaraath was especially fond of doughnuts, mozzarella cheese and Irish cream whiskey. He enjoyed collecting Lego, plush toys and retro computer games and his prized possessions were his Bionicle collection and his Xbox copies of Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

He passed away at 2 am[2] on January 22nd, 2021.[3] of heart failure.[4]


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