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Aquarius Crystalwave's fursuit

Aquarius Crystalwave (born September 17), is a male fursuiter, artist, dancer, singer, photographer and YouTuber who resides in Texas, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although Aquarius Crystalwave has followed furry art since a very early age, he has been officially active in the community since 2010.

Aquarius has most notably been seen in numerous furry convention fursuit dance competitions ranging from BLFC 2015 to MFF 2018. His style varies drastically between each competition as he continuously strives to learn new styles to keep things different and exciting.

Although Aquarius currently has a handful of wins under his belt, he values having fun in the experience itself as well as being true to his artistic expressions much more importantly than placing. He is often seen around different conventions dancing to his boombox that he carries around with him during his shenanigans or on the stage itself during the evening dances.


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