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Zero's reference sheet

Apoxon, also known as Poxie, is an artist, fursuiter, fursuit maker and writer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Apoxon was first introduced to the furry fandom in 2003 via the artistic works of Weremagnus, Seel Dingo, and Stoney. After several years of being tired of watching her friends attending furcons, she and Mad[clarify] decided it was time their first one, Anthrocon, in 2010, which was a large turning point for Apoxon and Mad, as they realized there was an active local furry community in the Lower Mainland.[clarify]

Apoxon organizes monthly dinner meets for the local furs. Venues change each month and are chosen by suggestions made by other furs, which are then voted on. Since Anthrocon 2010, Apoxon has become quite active within the BC Furries, attending monthly bowling meets, rollerskating meets, and various other activities.

She is well known by her furry friends for her love of Pepsi, Pixy Stixs, and sugar of all forms, as well as her unfortunate yeep-ing[clarify][citation needed] habit.


While Apoxon is known as Apoxon or Poxie' by most of the local furries, her fursona's name is Zero. She doesn't mind the confusion, however; there are lots of "Zero"s but so far, only one Apoxon. Zero is a blue Hrakken dragon hybrid, with feline and canine characteristics. The original concept art was done by Apoxon in early 2005

Her character is able to take on several different forms, depending on her mood and artistic gumption at the time:

  • Anthro Zero - The normal, every-day Zero
  • Feral Zero - A very large and considerably more dragon-like in appearance. Her fur is also much shaggier.
  • Chibi Zero - A hamster-like and sized character. Apoxon typically draws Chibi-Zero when she wants to doodle something quickly, or when she wants to attempt to draw something cute.


Frost is Apoxon/Zero's alter-ego. He's a lesser-known part of her fursona, and often appears in artwork as something of a ghost. He is an unknown, slightly rabbit-looking creature with a long tail, ending in an eye. He's cynical as well as painfully observant (and blunt), pointing out Zero's mistakes as well as offering insight into things she hadn't necessarily considered. Though the two do not always appear to get along, they each rely heavily upon the other.


Apoxon is a fursuiter and fursuit maker. She owns, or has owned, several suits:

  • Sony (partial, September 2010. Full suit, March 2011) - Now retired, Sony was Apoxon's first suit. He is a garden dragon with very, very large, butterfly shaped ears. His head was constructed primarily of foam, off a mesh base. He features a mobile jaw (with hinges attached quite differently than most mobile jaws), and a super flexible tail.
His original tail was over four feet long and quite rigid. Because of where it sat, Apoxon was not able to move quickly or sharply without taking people out at the knees, and after some thought, she re-designed his tail, making it shorter and more manageable.
  • Tachi - (full Hitachi; head only, June 2011) - An oriental dragon, Tachi was Apoxon's second head. He matches Sony's body and tail, as well as his feet and hand paws, and thus Apoxon needs only to switch the heads.
She wanted to try constructing something with less constricted visibility, as well as something that was smaller and more easily transportable and manageable. The purple feathers on his head tend to molt, and occasionally Apoxon will re-furbish the head-fluff. It is not uncommon at events to find purple feathers laying around, and at Anthrocon, this was frequent enough to be turned into a drinking game.[citation needed]
  • Pixi (full suit - February 2012) - Pixi is a a pink/black/white clouded leopard. with black and white spots. Unlike her previous suits, Pixi has very large feet (specifically styled after Barley). Pixi was made as a companion suit for Stix. Pixi is Apoxon's only female character.


  • Stix' (various parts, March 2012) - A blue clouded leopard, with black and white spots, is a suit owned by Mediar.
  • Mediar (head and tail only, September 2011) - A (?), owned by Mediar
  • Darwin (partial, December 2012) - A (?)

Convention attendance[edit]



An anthro artist, by 2004 she had carved out a small niche for herself on on several art archives. It was on Sheezyart where she met more members furry artists, including Hunter Bahamut, Mad and Lt. Dalius.

Her favorite medium is digital, but traditional media is a close second., and she has sold artwork in art shows at several different furry conventions. She is known[citation needed] for mashing cartoony and realistic art styles together, in a somewhat unique way.


Apoxon graduated in 2010 with a degree in creative writing, and enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and occasionally, longer fiction.


Apoxon is also fairly well-known[citation needed] for her plushie-making skills. Starting in 2005, she decided she wanted to make a plush version of an old character named Pox' (not her fursona). Despite the horrendous result, she was commissioned by a friend to sew another plush, and thus she began to hone in on her skills.

After several years of taking commissions, she found she needed a break, and now accepts only a limited number, typically through auction-style bidding. This serves several purposes: limiting the wait-times for buyers; ensuring she does not undersell herself; avoiding burn-out; controlling the wait-list.

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