Ape, Not Monkey

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Ape, Not Monkey
The Science vs Religion comic strip
Author(s) Jeffrey Weston
Update schedule Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Launch date July 6, 2008
End Date Continuing
Genre Humour, skepticism
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Ape, Not Monkey is a webcomic created by Jeffrey Weston. Featuring a cast of anthropomorphic animals, the strip deals with "science, skepticism and their relentless battles with superstition and pseudo-science".[1]


The main characters in Ape, Not Monkey are:[1]

  • Toby, a bonobo ("ape, not monkey") who enjoys science and sees the world through skeptical eyes.
  • Pastor Bear, a loving Christian who wants everyone to share in his love of God - whether they want to or not.
  • Wilbur, a "lefty westie" and spiritual environmentalist. He sees himself as the voice of reason when science and religion conflict, but has yet to fully understand either.
  • H.R., a mongoose confidence artist whose cynical attitude allows him to make as much money as possible from gullible animals.
  • Thomas, a good tortoise who always tries to do the right thing. He looks up to Pastor Bear as a mentor, which is not always the best thing.
  • Clemens, a bulldog of a monkey, who has no patience for faith and unreason.
  • Arlen, a paranoid pika, who prides himself on his skepticism of everything from authority to science itself. Arlen sees conspiracies everywhere and the only safety he knows is his underground home.
  • Piggy McCarthy, a pig who despises vaccines because he sees them as dirty. He also finds himself constantly at odds with Toby, who is skeptical of his skepticism.
  • Dee-Quack Chopra, a duck who is master of irrationality, and who always looks on the bright side of quantum consciousness.


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