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J.D.S is a furry college student who goes by the name Aoki, Aokineko, or Aokichan. Born in 1988, he lives at home in Papillion, Nebraska, and was originally born in Orissa, India.

Life as a furry[edit]

Aoki is a blue bengal tiger living in Omaha, NE. He’s a skilled artist capable of anything from cartoons to realism. 

In 2003 he joined the fandom via an online Oekaki drawing board, where he then discovered VCL and Deviant Art, the popular furry art site Furaffinity followed later in 2006.

He is part of a local furry group in Omaha called Furbraska where he met such persons as Snap E. Tiger who was featured on Animal Imitators in August of 2003, and later again in Weird, True and Freaky on Animal Planet in 2008 along with Stalking Cat.

His fursona originally started out as a blue domesticated house cat but in 2005 that all changed when he discovered his love for tigers in a small novelty shop in a mall. Since then the tiger has been his fursona and his favorite animal.

Aoki does not own a fursuit but hopes to in the future. Like many furs money is the only hold back. Alternatively he subtly displays his fursona in wearing articles of blue. 

In 2011, Aoki moved to So-Cal and attended the Prancing Skiltaire and Griffin Park meets. He also attended the 2012 Fur-b-que. 
Late 2012 he relocated back to Omaha, NE. 

January 2013, Aoki attended Further Confusion. Since then he as continued to be involved with Nebraska Furries and Furbraska. furry lifestyle.


Aoki enjoys sketching, digital painting, cosplay, singing, swimming, hookah, collecting movie and video game soundtracks, and highly detailed figurines. He likes watching the occasional anime, and films in general. He also enjoys the Star Wars|Star Wars fandom, and some aspects of anime fandom. As of 2011 he has taken an interest in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic community known as Bronies.


Aokibed sm.jpg

Aoki's fursona is a Blue Bengal Tiger. A couple of distinct markings he possesses are a small dot in the middle of his forehead and under his lower left eye.

In the past Aoki started as a blue furred golden eyed domesticated house cat. It was not until a year ago after purchasing a tiger statue in a mall that he embraced his true fursona as a blue tiger. Falling in love with them, he had no doubts as to what his fursona form was.

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