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Anum Chaos created 2005 and owned by Walter Albrecht.

His Fursona and Front Character, W.A. the Anum

Anum Chaos created by Walter Albrecht Alias W.A. the Anum (his fursona) 2005 and Begins an Artwork page. The Anum Chaos universe was originally an idea for a new game from Walter Albrecht himself, which never came out. He draws traditional artwork on paper and scans them for his loyal watchers. Jis moslty used internet username is "watheanum", "w.a.the anum" or just "theanum" - Also in games he appiers with the name "Leon Darkheart".


Walter Albrecht started making artwork from around 2005 (looking at his webpage). His first pictures are in B/W - but as of today are colored using pen and pencils.

as of 2007 Walter begins to draw yiff art. He started a series which he himself calls "Furiotic" where he mixes his characters in multiple situations that involve romance and sex and sometimes even a well placed joke.


The meaning of Anum is (so Walter says) "ANimal hUMan" (Animal with Human beeing) - so its a kind of shortcut for this words.

Background Story[edit]

The Anum Chaos Universe began in the years 19XX on the "unknown" Furry (in that case "Anum") Island calls "Antiol Island" on the earth. In this time, Humand came with ships on this island and tried to get the island for his own (This is not a "Furry vs Trolls" Story) and "tried to kill this wierd things which live on this island". It was a long war between the Furrys and the Humans till the humans gave up.

A lot of the Characters from this universe have something happen with, around, or kind of this war.


Walter said one time, he count up his "main" and "other" Characters.

-- "Main" Characters --[edit]

This characters appiers very often in Walters artwork and also works with his story. Also, they have his own Background story, life and emotions.

- W.A. the Anum Main Character from Anum Chaos (also Walters main fursona). A male orange/Black fured Fox, Married with Faly, Owns the "Titanium thunder Blade" (also known as "TT-Blade"), around 27 years old, main dressed with a black waist coat and a blue jeans

- Faly Wife from W.A., she looks like a twin of W.A., comes from a para-world from Antiol, same age like W.A., main dressed with a black shirt and a blue jeans

- James "Icehand" (River) The "anti-hero" from the universe and also Badguy - with emotions, a male dark-blue/white fured fox, around 29 (?), bounty hunter, Ice magician, main dressed with a long black coat, black jeans (?) and black boots - also often in kind of a "mystic" looking moment in Walters artwork

- Sonja River Sister from James (Walter is working on a story at the moment with a plot, rumors said shes not his sister), a female red/white fured Vixen, around 30, Fire magician, uses a (very) big sickle as weapon, main dressed in a kind of gothic-kind looking very thin suit

- Black Flame W.A.s best friend, a male black/white fured fox, around 38 or older, Fire/wind(air) magician, Owns a store, the "Adventure-guy", main dressed with a adventure-like dress (blue jeans, brown short waist coat, brown boots)

- Katrin Daimand The secret lover from W.A., a female white/yellow fured vixen, around 28, owns a hairstyler store, loves W.A. but he doesnt know, main dressed with a red top and blue hot-pants

- Shard A female black/white fured skunk, unknown age (guess around the middle 20s), works together with Katrin in the hairstyler store, main dressed with a pink t-shirt and a jeans

- Lindia Favian A female brown/light brown fured raccoon, unknown age (guess around the early 30s), works in the "Siam-ran" resturante, main dressed with a white t-shirt and a black skirt

- Amanda A female huge breast-sized purple/white fured wolf, unknown age (guess around the 30s), works in the "Wind-rhythm Club" (dance club where W.A. works too) as stripgirl, has the biggest breasts (so Walter says) from all main characters, unknown main dress - appiers mostly nude in the artwork

-- "other" Characters --[edit]

This characters are characters Walter draws just for fun or special days, events or kind of. They mostly dont effects on the story or just be there "to be there".

- Lucky Lynx Lady She appiers as special charater since 2012 every Friday the 7th - Walter means that is the "Lucky" day.

- Bad Luck Kitty She appiers as special charater since 2009 (?) every Friday the 13th - Walter means that is the "Bad luck" day.

- Easter Bunny She appiers as special character since 2009 (?) around the easter time.

- Lil Blue She mostly appiers in James story or kind of. Kind of James child (?) or addoped child.

- Pony Walter "D." Belmont Walters OC from the "My little Pony: FIM"- universe. Kind of mix between "Pony and Castlevania" looking Pony - remembers (from the look) at "Hugh Baldwin" from the Castlevania series.

- Little Ninja A Character Walter drawn before his furry characters. Appiers still sometimes in his artwork.

- R.A. W.A.s brother

- Somber A black bat-girl Walter often draws in the halloween time. She also appiers in James story. The original owner is "Sparks Epsilon" self, one of Walters close friends.

- Sparks Epsilon Sparks Epsilons charater and main Fursona, a male Cubi Skunk with 3 pairs of wings.

- Klara Epsilon Sister from Sparks, a herm cubi Skunk with 3 pairs of wings. Appiers mostly in Falys story.

- "Sora" A Bat-skunk girl. Original owner is "Sparks Epsilon" self, one of Walters close friends.


Next to his artwork he uploads music on Yiffstar his own composed and recorded music since 2003 (or so he says). The first tunes he created were mostly techno or instrumental. But today he creates and mixes his own kind of trance, dance and spiritual music. As of recently, his best free music was "Wings of an Angel" [1] that recieved a silver price and a lot of fans.

Furiotic stuff[edit]

Since 2007 he draws the "furiotic"- series [2]. Since 2009 He uploads homemade "Furiotic"- movies via Secondlife.

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