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You may be looking for Atimon.
Antimon at Anthrocon 2007 (Oceanrider wearing suit at the time).

Antimon (born April 27th, 1979) is a fursuiter who lives in Orlando, Florida, United States.[1]

Antimon's fursona is a meerkat. In addition to a fursuit depicting his fursona (constructed by Mixed Candy studios), Antimon owns costumes of:[1][2]

Antimon regularly attends Megaplex, Furry Weekend Atlanta, and Anthrocon. At Megaplex and Anthrocon he has run the Fursuit Maintenance panel, and has also DJ'd dances at Midwest FurFest, Megaplex, MFM, FWA, FCN, Anthrocon, and the Furry Cruise. He also Staffed Megaplex for 2008, but no longer does.



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