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Anti-Furry Coalition
Author(s) Owners: ?
  • Site Founder: ?
Status Offline
Launch date 2007
End date February 20, 2012
Genre Critic site, Hoax
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The Anti-Furry Coalition, or AFC for short, was a self labeled anti-furry (hoax) website.

Intended goals[edit]

AFC - in its own words - was:

Anti-Furry Coalition
An organization dedicated to the protection of families and communities through education and community action
Anti-Furry Coalition

It purports to be a resource center for people who would like to learn more about furries:

Anti-Furry Coalition
(...)without the fear of running into the objectionable content that goes hand-in-hand with the fandom
Anti-Furry Coalition


This section of the site offered downloadable printable material including a "Five Steps for Staying Furry Free" poster, and a "Are Furries Corrupting your Children?" leaflet.

Takedown petition[edit]

A petition (Give Rights to Furries!) was started by Kailey Stuart on the petition site Care2 for the purpose to try to shut down AFC.[1][2] The goal was to gather 1.000.000 signatures to do so. Even tough the author claimed to possess the full amount to ask for the shut down:

Anti-Furry Coalition
Dear Furry Persecutors,

This mainly targets the Anti Furry Coalition (AFC), but goes out to all those who unjustly discriminate furries. We have gained 1,000,000 signatures on a petition, and hereby ask you to please shut down your organization against furries. We have harmed no one, and would like to be treated fairly. That means no more anti-furry signs, no "Escape the Furry" mazes for children, etc.

Anti-Furry Coalition

The petition only gathered 69 signatures.


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