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Anthro Northwest is an "Anthromorphic Art Convention"[1] to be held in "Seattle, November 9-12 in 2017" at the Renaissance Hotel.[2]

In a event page for "Anthro Northwest Convention - Forming the Vision",

Anthro Northwest
Anthro Northwest strives to be an art centered, community focused, all ages convention formed to promote, develop and support the best attributes and talents found in the anthropomorphic community. The convention strives to compliment and exist in harmony with other anthropomorphic organizations and events.[3]
Anthro Northwest

A video "The Dream of Anthro Northwest" was posted on YouTube on August 14, 2016 stating that: The dream of Anthro Northwest is built up on the best attributes of the anthropomorphic arts community. Currently we have defined those to be: creativity, charity, beauty and hospitality.” [4]

In the Antro Northwest Code of Conduct webpage it states "All convention areas are considered to be "PG" at all times. Some exceptional artwork may have a higher rating subject to the discretion of the art coordinator."[5]


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