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Anthro Northwest is an "Anthromorphic Art Convention"[1] proposed to be held in Seattle, Washington.[2] (Anthro Northwest has booked the hotel for 2017)

Anthro Northwest 2017 is being held at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel from November 9-12 of 2017.
The convention features over 20,000 square feet of event space in a luxury four star hotel.

The convention will start with an opening celebration at Gameworks from 7:00pm to 10:00pm on Thursday November 9th. The celebration features many interactive arcade games, a costume performer lounge, complimentary snacks and onsite registration. Costume attire and access to the upstairs lounge requires an Anthro Northwest badge to be displayed at all times. A dance at the main hotel will occur on Thursday from 10:00pm to midnight.

From Friday November 10th to Sunday November 12th the convention will be in full swing with panels, a vendors room, social activities and a 24/7 art jam space.

The guest of honor for ANW 2017 is Telephone, chosen for extraordinary contributions to charity and anthropomorphic art.

The charity partner for ANW 2017 is Sarvey Wildlife, which specializes in large avian rehabilitation.

Panelists include Uncle Kage, Fox Amoore, Pepper Coyote, DJ Recca, NFT, Dreamvision Creations, Crystunes, Dandylions, Kenket, Balaa and Sunny Valley Creations.
Vendors room capacity for ANW 2017 is 55 tables, all of which sold out by March 2017.

About the convention[edit]

Anthro Northwest Charities, a 501c3 organization that operates and organizes the convention. The Anthro Northwest internal operations team is comprised mostly of individuals who have been trained by F.L.A.R.E.

In a event page for "Anthro Northwest Convention - Forming the Vision",

Anthro Northwest
Anthro Northwest strives to be an art centered, community focused, all ages convention formed to promote, develop and support the best attributes and talents found in the anthropomorphic community. The convention strives to compliment and exist in harmony with other anthropomorphic organizations and events.[3]
Anthro Northwest

A video "The Dream of Anthro Northwest" was posted on YouTube on August 14, 2016 stating that: The dream of Anthro Northwest is built up on the best attributes of the anthropomorphic arts community. Currently we have defined those to be: creativity, charity, beauty and hospitality.” [4] The focus of Anthro Northwest is art, education and building community.

Anthro Northwest is an all ages, family event, with a maximum rating of PG.[5]

Future Dates[edit]

  • 2018: November 18-11
  • 2019: November 22-25
  • 2020: November 20-23
  • 2021: November 19-22
  • 2022+: Preliminarily scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving.


Anthro Northwest 2018 is scheduled to be held at the Renaissance Hotel Seattle. In addition to the previously held convention space, the 4th floor has been reserved to increase the number of available panels and educational workshops.


Anthro Northwest 2019 will feature a greatly expanded convention space as well as a thanksgiving feast.


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