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Anthrogasm Magazine 2007 Logo.

Anthrogasm® Magazine is a furrotica publication that features heterosexual content created exclusively by furries within SecondLife. It is published in Second Life and caters to the furry community of Second Life. The first issue of Anthrogasm was released on December 20th 2007 and featured a focus upon breeding and impregnation play to usher the concept of a focus upon sexual fetish.

The content of the magazine is largely comprised of machinima, still images of furs in a virtual environment captured through screenshots. Anthrogasm releases contain sexual scenes featuring specific erotic situations as well as an interview or special feature section. This structure is what keeps every major Anthrogasm publication congruous and recognizable to the reader while presenting a wide variety of content subject matter. Though pornographic in nature, Anthrogasm's purpose is meant to be greater than that of simple adult entertainment. The reader is invited to consider a deeper understanding of content by analyzing the sexual desires of story-line characters and guest interviews.

  • Founder: Basinium Dapto aka "Bass" [1]
  • Active: December 2006 - 2009. February 2012-2013.
  • Slogans: "Seriously Erotic Furs" and "A mag for all forms of furrotica, BIG and small!"


In late 2006 Basinium Dapto and Zuffy Fura, the owner and founder of the PlayPony, spoke about Basinium's desire to create a publication that would feature photographic erotica paired with story content. Basinium believed this to be an opportunity to aid partner and sexual relationships though knowledge of sexual fetishism. The story content was meant to separate Anthrogasm from fellow erotic furry publications by allowing the reader to experience a variety of sexual situations with every new release.

In the summer of 2006, Zuffy Frua gave Basinium the LSL script that he had written for PlayPony which allowed the compiling and viewing of the magazine page textures within SecondLife. The first issues of Anthrogasm were distributed though the networked vendors of Arthur Fermi. The system allowed readers to view the first page of the issue as a physical, in world object and purchase by interacting with what appeared to be the issue on the news rack. With the aid of Zuffy's scripted magazine object and one of the first networked vendor systems the First Issue of Anthrogasm Magazine was released in December of 2006.

In late 2007 Anthrogasm expanded to include versions for both homosexual orientations, titled the Gay Edition and Lezzie Edition. In addition to these two sub-releases a third title was created much later intended for less mainstream fetish content. The reason for the divisions of the content was meant to prevent readers from purchasing content that does not appeal to their sexual preference. The desire to offer a wide variety of specific fetishes lead to the creation of the Single Release Series or SRS that features a more specialized offering of sexual themes.


The creation of Anthrogasm was influenced by a desire to display erotic situations that showcase a particular fetish that allowed readers to try something new. One of the major goals of Anthrogasm was to create a world where sexual situations were shaped by furry biology with species reference to paws, tails and muzzles. With this knowledge furs could then find new enjoyments and learn that of their partners. It is the founder's belief that sexual understanding allows furs to maintain healthier relationships and is underlying theme that pervades most of Anthrogasm as an organization.

The cast of the machinima story-line is carefully selected with the attempt to find furs that have connection to the setting or some amount of expertise with the sexual content. It is important to the founder that cast enjoy their place in a scene as he believes that those who understand and enjoy the story-line they are apart of will provide feedback that will enrich the content of the release with their firsthand knowledge.

In the tradition of earlier furry SL-zines, Anthrogasm's goal was to serve the SL furry community and less about running a for profit organization. It is the goal of Anthrogasm to provide furry community within SecondLife with entertainment through it's publications, events and support of furry locations as well as offering employment in SL.


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