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Author(s) SeiRruf
Status Public
Launch date 2014, 2017
Genre Character profiles
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Anthrodex was a website where users could create profile pages for their character or fursona, and link to various sites about or created by them online. It was modeled after the website It was originally developed by Toboe Wolfyote and, as of May 2014, was in public beta.

As of June 2017, the website and twitter account of Anthrodex has been fully acquired by SeiRruf and has been re-purposed as a social network, aiming to bring furries of all species together with the familiar and easy to use interface that one might expect from social giants like Facebook. The project is in extreme beta and as of now is to be taken as a temporary idea, perhaps to be later substituted for the original idea of Anthrodex, a public listing of all Furries & their social handles, by furries.

Anthrodex updating screen

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