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The cover of the Anthrocon 1999 conbook.

Anthrocon 1999 was the first Anthrocon to be held in the Philadelphia area; more specifically, it was held at the Valley Forge Hilton in Valley Forge, PA, on 1-4 July, 1999. This convention was also the debut of Dr. Samuel "Kagemushi" Conway as chairman, a position he has held to date.

Themed as the "Furry Revolution", in keeping with the historic locale, Anthrocon 1999 welcomed S. Andrew Swann and Vicky Wyman as its Guests of Honour.

The convention had 845 members, of which 804 were in attendance[1].This was almost as many attendees as ConFurence 10, and a little over 100 more than a new convention in California known as Further Confusion.

The charity auction raised $3,600 for the Great Valley Nature Center.


  1. "We ended up with a total of 845 people paid or registered (the latter category [unpaid/registered] is reserved for staff, guests, etc.). Of these, we have a count of 807 actually checked in. (This latter count may be off by +- 3, due to some update funkiness.)" - From Points, via Anthrocon internal correspondence

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