Anthro World War II Art Bunker

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Anthro World War II Art Bunker (also known as "AWIIAB") was a website and gallery dedicated to artwork related to World War II and anthropomorphic characters.

The main goal for the archive was to bring together anthro-fans of all kinds, to either comment and put favourites on images or upload artwork themselves and also to remove the alienated feeling between Nazi Furs/Soviet Furs vs. rest of the fandom, and fans of other forms of anthropomorphism.

Aside from of pictures of anthropomorphic characters in WWII regalia and battle scenes, the gallery hosted images of civilians and real life historic figures in anthropomorphic shape, living and working in everyday life situations during the same time period (circa 1939-1945.) Material of an adult content material was allowed, but in a special folder in a user's personal gallery.

According to the site's disclaimer, the following was not allowed or/and supported: Any political ideology or movement (antisemitism, dictatorship,) war, genocide, purging, or any recognized crime against humanity.

The short name "AWIIAB" stands for the website's name, minus one W since it was found unnecessary. The letter for two (II) can be interpreted as symbolizing the existence of two W's.

In June, with the withdrawal of both Ricadonna and Grisha, and the inactivity of the archive, it was shut down.