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AnthroPomme is a furmeet held in La Bouëxière, France.


AnthroPomme takes place over 3 days in July at the Gîte du Drugeon cottage in La Bouëxière, France. Registration costs €80 for a room accommodation or €50 to bring your own tent and camp. Attendance costs are fixed with no 2-day or 1-day memberships, but participants do not need to attend all 3 days. Meals, snacks, and a refreshment bar are included in the registration cost. Programming includes outdoor excursions (forest hikes, swimming), indoor events (games, panels, karaoke), and fursuit activities.


  • Silou - creator
  • Vanilor - co-creator, website, sound
  • Yashn - co-creator, volunteer management, treasurer
  • Ray Bleiz - fursuit lounge, safety


AnthroPomme 1 was held July 17-19, 2020 at the Gîte du Drugeon in La Bouëxière. There were 50 attendees. Activities included a furwalk, forest excursion, swimming in the river, visit to a cider house, and dances. Breizh Furs was credited for helping organize the furmeet. AnthroPomme commissioned a group drawing from the artist FurryViza to commemorate their first event. [1]

AnthroPomme 2 was held July 15-17, 2022 at the Gîte du Drugeon, with an attendance of 60. Events included panels, gaming, a snack exchange, and karaoke. There was no furwalk and nightly dance this year. An association was formed with NormandiFurs to assist with organizing and insuring the AnthroPomme event. [2]


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