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Host(s) SilentCoyote, Kit Cheetah, Zenuel, User:ComradeOsaka, DragonmanMike.
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AnthroMedia is an sporadically released 'podcast' show that was originally for the Anthropodcast lineup, but is now an independent channel with its own website. AnthroMedia focuses on Video Game and Movie news, reviews, updates, release schedules, statistics, and more. Media covered are both of the mainstream variety and/or of fandom specific interest.


  • Kyle "SilentCoyote" Harrison (a.k.a. "DJKoyote" and "DV")
  • Kit Cheetah
  • Zenuel Wolf
  • Dragonmanmike
  • Comrade Osaka


Around January, show founder Kyle "SilentCoyote" had been contemplating starting up a new podcast revolving around the Entertainment Industry as a whole. Once Kyle noticed Flain Falcon had started a new site called Anthropodcast, calling out for more shows as a "voice of the fandom" ordeal, he saw this as a prime opportunity to finally inject himself into the fandom. His friend Kit Cheetah had mentioned he wanted to do something similar, so they teamed up and created a pilot episode for Flain to review (dubbed as "Episode Zero"), which was accepted.

As Episode 2 was being recorded, SilentCoyote and Kit were on the lookout for some listener interaction, and wanted to bring at least a single guest on the show, to offer other insight into the subjects. Due to circumstances beyond control, Three guests instead of one ended up on the show. Comrade Osaka, RapterX, and Virgil.

During the production of Episode 3, Anthromedia welcomed a new face and voice to the team by the name of Zenuel. Comrade Osaka joined as a guest again.

As of Episode 4, Comrade Osaka is officially a regular for AnthroMedia.

As of Episode 5, Dragonmanmike Joins the cast!

Shortly after the release of Episode 9, DV went through a period of time where health and work issues surrounded his ability to focus on the podcast, and ultimately lost interest in continuing the show any further. Episode 10 was released under the hope of revitalising the project after returning back from Further Confusion '10, but ultimately the project fell by the way side again. Though as can be seen, the spirit never died and every member was ultimately interested in starting up again when the time was right.

On October 17th 2011, one random question uttered by DV over his twitter feed: "Does anyone still lsiten to podcasts anymore? if so, which ones and why?". From here sparked a few resposes that old fans still invariably listen to privately archived episodes of Anthromedia, and up until that point DV had been continuously asked whether or not the podcast will live to see another day. With the interest sparked again, Mike peeped up and showed interested in doing at least one more episode as a farewell or an explanation of what had ultimately happened. Shortly after Kit responded over twitter "i like where these tweets are going", shortly thereafter Zenuel showed interest again and very shortly after that so did Osaka. Within the course of 2 hours from the time that question was asked, the Anthromedia crew rebanded.

DV then set out to develop a simple website to deliver the podcast, reigstering the domain name to deliver the episodes, and brought on a new crew member ShelaFox for community management and social media marketing. Shela remains as the most dedicated fan of Anthromedia since the beginning and recognizing her dedication, decided to bring her on board.

Release schedule[edit]

Each episode used to be recorded Sunday evening, and released on Tuesday or Wednesday night depending on circumstances.

They are now recorded every Wednesday night, and released before the night ends, with very minimal editing.


  • Episode 00: The EPIC Test!

With: SilentCoyote and Kit Cheetah

  • Episode 01: And We're Live!

With: SilentCoyote and Kit CHeetah

  • Episode 02: Donut Puppies

With: SilentCoyote, Kit Cheetah, RapterX, Comrade Osaka, and Virgil

  • Episode 03: When Worlds Collide!

With: SilentCoyote, Kit Cheetah, Zenuel Wolf, Comrade Osaka

  • Episode 04: Mother*****es!

With: SilentCoyote, Kit Cheetah, Zenuel Wolf, Comrade Osaka

  • Episode 05: Insert Witty Title Here...

With: SilentCoyote, RapterX, Dragonmanmike, Zenuel Wolf, Comrade Osaka

  • Episode 06: F**K IT WELL DO IT LIVE!

With: SilentCoyote, Kit Cheetah, Zenuel Wolf, Comrade Osaka, Dragonmanmike

Did you know?[edit]

  • Comrade Osaka is usually the one coming up with all the quirky catchphrases, such as the improperly pronounced "Bust the Dust" and "Donut Puppies"
  • "Episode Zero" was never intended for official release, and therefore is not considered an episode in the lineup
  • There is usually a guess/bet by the hosts, guessing as to who will break the "censorship barrier" first

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