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Anonymous (used as a mass noun, also known as Anons), is the name given to the collective users of certain internet image boards, forums, wikis and/or IRC channels. They derive their name from both the anonymous nature of these services, as well as the default username on some of the forums, which is simply "Anonymous." Posting as Anonymous is encouraged, and at times, mandatory.

One self-description, originating from a protest video targeted at the Church of Scientology, is: "We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."[1]

Due to the group being vastly broad and diverse, the actions of individual Anonymous vary massively, yet most are content with mocking popular culture and one another, often in an extremely vulgar manner. This is often done through memes that an outsider would find confusing.

Anonymous and furry[edit]

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Traditional Anons tend to act out negatively towards a number of groups, including furries, in the form of harassment and trolling because they have found it very amusing in the past. Anonymous acts in pursuit of lulz; in other words, as long as any one target contains the promise of personal (or group) amusement, it will be harvested for its "lulz" potential.

The Anonymous of 4chan, 7chan, Something Awful and particularly Encyclopædia Dramatica have conducted numerous notable "raids" on furries that were deemed "lulzworthy" targets. This has led to a generally negative image among furries towards Anonymous as a whole. However, while it is true that the majority of Anonymous share a negative view of furries, some members of Anonymous are in fact quite tolerant or indifferent of the furry subculture.

Furry Anonymous[edit]

Some furries[who?] claim to be members of Anonymous. Some furry Anonymous post in secret, and yet others[who?] post openly. Whether a member of Anonymous is discovered to be a furry by chance, or was open from the beginning, harassment and trolling are possible - perhaps likely - from other Anons. Some are reasonably well-received, and are trolled little; others receive much harassment, or even become targets of extended "raiding." [citation needed]

Anon and furry vs Scientology[edit]

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Contrary to what some [who?] may say, there was no "truce" between Anonymous and furries regarding furry participation in Project Chanology; however, because of the common goal, some Anonymous will tolerate or even accept furry participation in the fight against Scientology. [citation needed]

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