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Author(s) Víctor Montero (DragonTrainer)
Update schedule Usually 1~2 times a week, no regular days.
Launch date November 1st, 2007
End Date Ongoing
Genre Parody
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Annie is a Chilean webcomic in Spanish, in which the main character is a little pink furry creature that wants to take over the world. In spite of the fact that there are many webcomics with similar plots, Annie focuses itself mainly in criticizing subjects relative to the human system of life, the Chilean policy or topics relative to computer science.


Annie is a little pink furry creature that wants to take over the world to fix it. However Annie does normally not succeed at this, on the one hand because of her master, who is always treating her like a regular little pet and on the other hand, because of a little stupidity of her own. Nevertheless, she has lots of friends in all society states (from some poor men living in the streets to some rich, young friends that invited her to live the summer into Viña del Mar).

Sometimes, the comic makes quite jokes about non-important things, like in the 1st strip, making fun about the look of L.D.50's Mudvayne and Twisted Sister, sometimes the strip shoot its criticism, like in the 2nd strip, "Terremoto en Antofagasta" (Earthquake in Antofagasta), in which Annie criticizes to the people in Santiago, because they soon forget about the needs of the rest of the country, and other times is just an informative strip- like in the 7th, "Vorafilia" (Voraphile), in which Annie's explain what vore is. Computer jokes are on it too- speaking about DRM or Ubuntu.



Small, cute and huggable, Annie is the main character. She is a little pink furry creature. In spite of the fact some readers say she is a pink squirrel, the author states that she is a creature from the outer space, and she wants to take the world to fix it. In spite of the fact that she is a good and pleasant creature, she hates the defects, hypocrisies and the problems of the human race.

She hates Santa Claus and consumption, after discovering Santa sold himself to the big corporations.

She thinks very critical of the policy of the country, the situations, and ideologies. Nothing is known about her theological belief yet. She lives somewhere with The_Boy in Santiago, Chile, although she maintains a hate/love relationship with him, overall disliking his odd habit to treat her like a mascot. In addition, she handles a powerful organization without profit aims, that host web sites.

She loves nature and hard music. Her favorite food are living Eevees.



This young male adult lives in a house in Santiago with Annie. He cares about her, he maintains her and he worries about her as anyone would be worried... about his pet. He is the typical Chilean stereotype: Doesn't worry so much about his environment and only takes what the TV offers, and when he states his opinion, it's normally about something he doesn't know about. He has not much preoccupation about his own safety.



Randy is a small, skinned rabbit. He's full of hate to all female TV models, and his objective is to recover his fur, used by one of them to create a fur coat. Even if he is full of hate and he has a very philosophic way of thinking, he's christian, he think Jesus rocks and tries to be like him (until he sees female models again).


Sekori is a little Eevee. Originally Annie bought it for eating it, but for various reasons this creature became one of the best Annie's friends. He's living with her in the house.


For creating this strip, there are a lot of influences from the acid jokes of Juanelo (non-furry Chilean comic) to VG Cats. The author uses many sources for creating strips from a simple discussion in a forum to something said on TV or radio. Recurrent are computer jokes.

Using Eevees as food is used as a way to make fun of the many Eevee fans and to create some impact onto the fandom.